Small news update for those who are interested, but I’ve finally gotten around to writing the first draft of 2105. I’ll post the first chapter when it’s done and I’m satisfied it’s ready to be viewed as the first public draft. Expect a few edits in future as I go back over it afterwards.
In the meantime here’s another cat.

My dear friend and fellow 420chan staff member Jericho has been helping me out with some bits of the story as it’s developing, bouncing ideas back and forth and seeing what sticks. During all this I’ve been setting up pages and importing some of the backstory material I’ve been working on, so go check that out if you want a rough idea of where I’m headed with this. Also check it out if you want to see Jericho’s self-insert character.


Hello. Yes this is what I’ve turned my site into now. You can still reach the old pokemon thing under new management here.

Here I’ll be posting a few thoughts that are too long for twitter, my occasional opinion on something you don’t want someone else’s opinion on, fun things I make or do, questions from my loyal fans (both of you), and chapters of a short story I’m writing as I write it.

Should be fun, right?

Have a cat.